discovering basmati

Discovering Basmati #2 – Tilda rice in Canada

Part II of how we get Tilda Basmati Rice in Canada. We left the rice on the high seas, on the way to Europe. Tilda Basmati had already been very carefully selected and even DNA tested to ensure its authenticity. At this stage we already know it is the finest quality Basmati rice. So what […]

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Discovering Basmati Rice #1 – Himalayas to Europe

Part of discovering Basmati rice, isĀ  understanding just a little about its journey from the foothills of the Himalayas to Canada. Its a fascinating story, a voyage of discovery. A journey that will take us half way around the world to your kitchen in Canada. Its a story I will only begin here. As we […]

Steamed Pure Basmati Rice

Cooking Basmati Rice – Now in Two Minutes!

Cooking Basmati rice, indeed cooking any rice causes some of us to worry, as we’re not absolutely 100% sure that we know what we’re doing. There are so many different sorts of rice and so many ways of cooking that it can get confusing. Well, now there’s a simpler way. It all starts with the […]