discovering basmati

Part II of how we get Tilda Basmati Rice in Canada. We left the rice on the high seas, on the way to Europe. Tilda Basmati had already been very carefully selected and even DNA tested to ensure its authenticity. At this stage we already know it is the finest quality Basmati rice.

So what happens next?

First of all,the rice is unloaded directly into silos, where it is stored and dried. These silos are on the banks of the River Thames so the rice does not have to travel far! After a period of storage, the rice is taken to the Tilda Mill.

At the Mill, its awesome to see the care and attention that the rice receives before we get Tilda Basmati Rice in Canada. Broken grains are removed, the chaf (bran) is cleaned off and any odd coloured rice is spotted by a laser machine and removed. (Don’t ask me how this works, but is a great example of how modern technology, mixed in with genuine traditional values all results in the best quality rice in Canada).

So now we have the best quality rice available. Its been sorted and polished. Its ready to be packaged and put on another ship (sadly not the one in the picture above!). You can find dry Basmati rice in Canada on most supermarket shelves.

And that’s exactly what happens to some of it.

But some of Tilda’s Basmati Rice goes through one more process in the UK. Its pre-steamed.

What does this mean?

It means (and this is the bit that I like the most!)….it means that you, me, anyone can just microwave the rice for two minutes, and you get the highest quality Basmati rice in Canada in a really convenient way. Nothing difficult, no problems, just quick and easy rice every time.basmati-rice-in-Canada

The best part of this story?

Tilda Steamed Basmati Rice is being introduced  in major supermarkets across Canada .

Wondering where to buy Tilda Rice?  Just check out the Where to Buy page as product is being shipped to every province.

There really is no excuse not to try Basmati. In this new format, its quick and easy  rice every time.

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