Black Rice
Black Rice? I thought you should know about this as it is Black Friday! Be honest, did you know about Black Rice?

Well it exists and I’ll tell you some facts and legends about it.
But let me start at the beginning. How many types of rice do you think there are? When you ask people they start their list with confidence. They will tell you….. there’s Basmati (that’s my favourite by the way, very fragrant!), Jasmine, Long Grain, Wild, White, Brown, Short, Wholegrain, Arborio, Sushi, Medium…….and then most of us get a bit stuck!

Well there are actually 40,000 types of rice.


Blavk Rice

Emperor Wu (156 – 87 BC)

That’s a lot. If you tried a different one every day it would take you over a hundred years to try them all. So my advice is to find what you like and enjoy that. My tip would be to start with Tilda Basmati!

But Black Friday is here so let me get back to Black Rice.

There is some evidence that Black Rice was grown in China around 150 BC and legend has it that it was reserved only for the Emperor of China. Black Rice is even called “Forbidden Rice”. That means that over 2000 years ago Liu Che, Emperor Wu of Western Han might have enjoyed a dish of Black Rice ….. presumably by himself!

He was an extraordinary emperor with great talent and bold vision. He was a master of military strategy and under his reign, the Han Dynasty became the most powerful regime in the world.

I am not suggesting that if you try Black Rice you will become a renowned military leader, but there are some additional nutritional benefits of Black Rice. It contains both antioxidants and a large amount of anthocyanins both of which are said to help improve heart health.

So if I can find some in store, I will try Black Rice this Black Friday……for the rest of the year I’m going to stay with Tilda Basmati!

In the meantime “Happy Shopping”.