Cooking Basmati rice, indeed cooking any rice causes some of us to worry, as we’re not absolutely 100% sure that we know what we’re doing. There are so many different sorts of rice and so many ways of cooking that it can get confusing. Well, now there’s a simpler way.

It all starts with the quality of the grain, in just the same way that any meal starts with the quality of the ingredients. If you are barbecuing steak, there is no sauce, however wonderful that it might be, that will disguise a cheap, tough cut of beef. It’s the same with rice, maybe even more so. If the grains are not of high quality then the cooked rice will not be good either. So if you’re cooking Basmati rice, you need to start with a good quality rice. My personal favourite is Tilda, as. I’ve always found their rice to be of consistently high quality, without any broken rice which can cause problems when cooking Basmati rice.

Tilda only use the traditional Basmati grains, and then combine that tradition with modern technology to ensure that all Tilda rice is purity tested and free from any adulteration. The proof as they say is in the pudding (though in this case I guess its in the rice!)

But I’m getting a bit off basmati rice

So to begin again…. cooking Basmati rice starts with the quality of the grain. Once you have that then its all down to the cooking, and Tilda has even made that easier. For the first time in Canada, Tilda have introduced Tilda Steamed Basmati Rice. They partly steam the products (which is a really natural cooking method) and then all we have to do is complete the steaming by putting the pack into the microwave for two minutes. 

It really is as easy as that. Its quick convenient and foolproof. Perhaps most important of all its still exactly the same high quality Basmati as it ever was. Cooking Basmati rice has never been easier. Clever Eh?