Moms Helping MomsFor the second year in Canada, Tilda Rice and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) have announced the second annual Moms Helping Moms campaign.

Low birth weight can seriously affect babies’ physical and cognitive development. Babies need to receive vital nutrition from the start. Malnutrition in the first 1,000 days from conception can affect mental and physical development into adulthood. Undernourished children are more likely to get sick, have trouble concentrating in school and may earn less as adults. Mothers who were undernourished as girls are 40% more likely to give birth to children who do not survive to age five. Malnourished mothers are also more likely to die in childbirth.

This endless cycle is called inter-generational under-nutrition.

Through the Moms Helping Moms Campaign, Tilda has already donated over 1 million nourishing meals to WFP, helping thousands of mothers to give their children the best start in life.

 Now in Canada we can all make a difference and help give a mother and child a better future. There are two ways we can help.

Firstly, from the end of June there will be special Moms Helping Moms packs on sale across Canada. For every 1.8 kg specially-marked pack of Tilda Pure Basmati sold, Tilda will provide a nutrition-boosting meal for an expectant mother in the developing world. You simply look out for the silver label and WFP’s logo on packs of Tilda Pure Basmati.

Moms Helping Moms


Secondly Canadian moms can now download a free online celebrity recipe book with contributions by Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and Grammy Award–winning musician Sarah McLachlan. In addition, the book features recipes by other celebrities, bloggers and a few of Tilda’s own favourites. For every download Tilda will donate another meal to a mom through WFP.


“Tilda’s ‘Moms Helping Moms’ campaign is a great way to raise not only funds for the World Food Programme but also awareness about the importance of delivering nutritious food to expectant and new mothers and their children.”

Natalie Vaupel, WFP’s Head of Private Partnerships for North America.

Follow this link for further information on how Tilda is supporting the World Food Programme, and see here how Tilda and the World Food Programme have helped Nasima, a mom in Bangladesh.