Following recent reports in the press regarding lead contamination in rice we wanted to take this opportunity to reassure our customers that we consistently monitor the quality of our products, from paddy to plate, to provide the very best pure unadulterated Basmati rice and are dedicated to providing safe and delicious foods.

Lead is naturally present in soil, which means that it will inevitably be taken up by growing plants, such as rice.  All UK rice companies check lead and other heavy metal levels on a regular basis and levels have always been well within the regulatory EU limit set at 0.2 parts per million.  The most recent survey of 450 samples from 14 countries, undertaken in July 2012, found the overwhelming majority of rice grains were in fact less than half the EU limit.

It is also worth noting that The European Food Safety Agency reviewed the situation on lead in food in 2010 and concluded that rice was not a significant source.

At Tilda, we source all of our Basmati rice from the foothills of the Himalayas because this region’s climate is the best environment to grow Basmati.  We do not source any rice from China or Taiwan.  We rigorously test all of our rice to ensure the highest standards are always maintained.

It is right to be vigilant, but rice remains a healthy, enjoyable dietary staple, and all our customers can be confident in eating it.